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Lupas Rename 2000 v5.0 Release is finally out, just download it from the download page

Changes from RC10:

  • Some changes in the CHM file
  • Now you can manually sort the items of the filelist however you need. Just read the shorcuts page from the chm file to learn how
  • Improved the speed and fixed all the known bugs

Please let me know id there are bug in the forum, so I can fix them all!


Lupas Rename 2000 v5.0 RC10 in English, Italian and French available at the download page

Spanish and Dutch soon

If anyone wants to help to translate the program to Portuguese ;-) please send me a message

Changes from RC9:

  • Big Updated to the CHM file
  • Autoresize edits in the Tab name & Tab extension dialogs
  • Added an Edit to insert a path where it can be used system variables like, it depends of the Windows system:
    • %USERPROFILE% The current user's profile folder
    • %ALLUSERSPROFILE% The All Users profile folder
    • %ProgramFiles% The Program Files folder
    • %SystemRoot% The system root folder
    • %SystemDrive% The system drive letter
  • Now the minimum requirements to run the application are a 800x600 screen resolution
  • Added '' to the RemoveAccents function [Thanks to Andre Gurgel]
  • Added the old style buttons to rename, undo and about
  • Added the old Check 'Only rename the selected files'
  • Added the old shortcuts to buttons (Alt-R for rename...)


Lupas Rename 2000 v5.0 RC9 in English and Spanish available at the download page

Italian, Dutch and French partial translated and available at the download page

Changes from RC8:

  • Updated the CHM file
  • Added a bigger edit for all the text fields that allow TAGs (Shortcut: CtrlAlt-E)
  • Added filters for ReadOnly - Hidden - System
  • The more options tab dialog has been moved to a modal config dialog (Shortcut: F10)
  • Added two new tags [Thanks to jherz]
    • FORMAT_NUMBER - more info in the help file
    • EXTRACT_NUMBER - more info in the help file


Tomorrow will be uploaded the last RC9 version, with some news TAGS and a shortcut key (Ctrl-Alt-E) to edit the TAGS in a bigger edit text box

Lupas Rename 2000 v5.0 RC8 in English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and french available at the download page

Finally FIXED the bug with Win9x systems and the Icons

Do you want to help to translate the program to others languages?
Send me a message

Soon in German and Portuguese

Thanks to Giulio Fornasar for the Italian translation
Thanks to Sylvain MAHINC for the French translation
Thanks to H.C. van der Burg for the Dutch translation

The new RC8 in English has these changes since LupasRename 4.2b:
  • It allows to configure the colors in the file list and the preview window[Thanks to Wolfgang]
  • Now it allows to sort the column name as numbers [Thanks to jherz]
  • Now when pressing F1 will display the CHM help file [Thanks to Pivert]
  • Added import functions to the text editor, it can import all the files in the file list or from the preview window, or it can import the selected files from the file list window/preview window [Thanks to StormLogiX]
  • Added a new parameter 'RECURSIVE=1|0' by default 0 [Thanks to Garry]
  • Fixed a bug with the PATH by using Command Line [Thanks to Garry]
  • Use GMT when inserting DateTime is now optional [Thanks to Thara Sompan]
  • Fixed a bug with CropAt [Thanks to Nick]
  • Added an advanced dialog filter [Thanks to Giulio Fornasar]
  • Added a progress bar while renaming and undoing
  • Added EXIF support
  • Manual rename of one file by pressing F2 in the file list view
  • Added a progress Window when reading folders in recursive mode, so if the process is going to be large you can cancel it.
  • Added a progress windows when the runtime preview is larger than 1,5 seconds, then if the process is too large you can cancel it.
  • Added shorcuts to almost all the operation. Read the Help File.
  • Added CRC32, now you can rename by inserting the CRC32 of the file being renamed. But if you are going to rename files with sizes of megabytes better if you deactivate the runtime preview.
  • Added a CHM file with all the TAGs [Previous TAGs are obsolete]
  • Added the posibility to drag the columns to be ordered as you will
  • Added a lot of parameters to work from the shell command
  • Added a path history navigation
  • Added the posibility to work with folders even in recursive mode
  • Added extra info from MP3 files, ID3v1 & ID3v2 Tags, and Bitrate, Samplerate, Channels, Length...
  • Added support for Icons & cursors
  • Fixed: Cannot retrieve some Width and Height from JPGs
  • Fixed: Data form external files were limited to 32 chars
  • Fixed: The format for the dates are retrieved from the windows configuration
  • Fixed: It allow to work with file sizes greater than 4 Gb
  • Faster than never before
  • CHM Help File
  • Allow command line parameters to rename from a command box
  • Added support for the Bitrate, Bitrate type, SampleRate, Length... of the MP3 files by using the ID3Lib
  • It can rename folders in recursive mode
  • Crop at any position any number of chars
  • Insert text at any position
  • Added support for more image formats like ico and cur for the TAG images
  • Better interface with a toolbar at the top with almost all the available options
  • Option to allow to work without icons for increase speed in reading folders with a large number of files
  • Faster than never before
  • The editor for using external text files to rename files it works with lines greater than 32 characters
  • Added history and navigation of the paths for the current session
  • You can change the order of the columns at your will
  • New option to Upper case only the first character of all the filename or extension
  • Autonumber works with any base number, from 2 to26
  • It saves all the info (columns order, columns size, window position...) to default .ini file. No more garbage in the windows registry
  • It allow to autoreload the last user options used
  • Extra features by using the TAGs, just look inside the CHM
  • Removed: Support for TIF images (better to use the EXIF info)
  • Removed (Temporary): Support for RA audio files
  • Removed (Temporary): Support for Nintendo 64 roms
  • Removed (Temporary): Support for HTML files

Lupas Rename is a FREEWARE program developed to rename a few or a massive number of files with a lot of features
It works on Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT, Win2K and WinXP.
It is a simple .EXE file and doesn't need any other external libraries.

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v4.2b [Nov/2004]

Corrected bug with WinXP & SP2, the files in the left view were hidden

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